3D Mapping of the Built Environment

The mapping industry has seen an drastic increase in demand for 3D maps of the built environment.  Though particularly focused on cities, the modeling of the built environment includes rural areas, low density communities and even individual homesteads.

The market for 3D modeling continues to grow as Lux Modus captures these environments quickly and inexpensively.

If you need to inexpensively map city blocks and neighbourhoods, roads, bridges, communities and parks, Lux Modus can help.  Our high density LiDAR and high-resolution imagery can create the detailed point clouds and 3D meshes you need.

Benefits of Lux Modus for the Built Environment:

The greatest value of Lux Modus is our democratization of 3D mapping.  Our low cost equipment rental and data processing rates makes Lux Modus ideal for mapping small areas, and our easy-to-use design ensures anyone can now map their world.

With our rapid cloud based data processing your data can be ready for you in minutes to hours of upload allowing you to quickly complete your small project.

The richness of LiDAR and imagery datasets created using Lux Modus are well suited for the detailed 3D modeling associated with mapping built environments.