We developed our company with the intent of democratizing 3D mapping.  As such, at Lux Modus some of our best clients are our smallest ones.

Though designed for large infrastructure and corridor mapping projects, Lux Modus can also be used for small area mapping as well.  We developed our pricing model to be a pay-as-you-go system, so you can collect thousands of linear meters, or just a few dozen.

Our LuxGear platform come in one ruggedized box.  Everything you need to mount it to a vehicle, power it, operate it and upload your data. Our LuxGear box can be shipped directly to you via any standard postal or courier service.  In fact, as you read this, there is probably one in mail somewhere right now!

The LuxGear system can be rented by the day, leased by the month, or leased to own over time.  We are flexible so you don't have to be.  And when it comes to data processing, our pricing is on a per meter bases. That's why we call it pay-as-you-go.  You may collection 50 scans, but only want 5 of them.  Then you only pay for the 5.  And it is an aggregate payment system.  So if all 5 scans are in the same area an overlap, you will only pay for the overall linear extent of your aggregated scans.

If you are not able to complete your own scanning, we can connect you with one of collection partners to get the job done!

At Lux Modus we want to empower you to map your world.  We have made as easy and as inexpensive as possible.  We look forward to working for you.

For more information about our LiDAR-as-a-Service contact us here!